A traveling project of the swiss artists’ delegation to Re-culture III – contemporary art festival, Patras, Greece
Giorgio Bloch, Angela Cerullo, Nina Hebting, Lena Kiß, Beat Lippert and Yota Tsotra
site-specific installation (with sound 33’54’’), Skagiopoulio Foundation, Patras

We – namely Angela Cerullo & Giorgio Bloch, Yolanda Esther Bürgi, Gina Folly, Nina Hebting, Nicolas Kerksieck, Lena Kiß, Beat Lippert, Dawn Nilo and Yota Tsotra – represented Switzerland at the third issue of Re-culture, contemporary art festival in Patras, Greece. Starting from the link between the words ‘travel’, ‘experience’ and ‘risk’ (the current subject matter of the festival was actually risk), the idea of our exhibition project – initiated by Giorgio Bloch, Angela Cerullo and Yota Tsotra, and financially supported by Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council – was to travel around Greece and to work on site. The result of the project was a collective installation by six of us (four artists stayed in Switzerland and gave the traveling artists works, which focused on journey and on being left behind). A blog tracks the creative process by collecting impressions of the journey from the traveling artists; you can view it at:

Pictures by Angela Cerullo & Giorgio Bloch